Essays write everything, but not everyone does it equally well. Meanwhile, this skill is also important for adults. Writings are easily given to those who know how to think logically, relate facts, reason based on them. If you want to form these qualities in yourself, you should take up the development of speech.

How to write essay: tips

All essays can be divided into two large groups – according to literature (they are written on the basis of read works) and those that do not belong to humanitarian specialties (they reflect the student’s life experience, as well as descriptions of pictures). Work on them is carried out differently, but in the first approximation such an order can be designated.

Start by composing material for writing. Think and write down everything you know about a given topic. These can be situations, characters, episodes of one’s own life or journalistic materials. It is convenient to mark them on separate cards. How to do this, decide for yourself: write down in a few words or in detail, quote from books, make schematic drawings and so on. The cards are more convenient than the notes in the notebook, because in the process of planning your essay you can move them, change places, thereby making the course of your thoughts visual. At the stage of collecting material do not limit yourself: write down everything that seems relevant to the topic.

Essay tips on how to write this paper: main idea

Think over the idea of ​​paper – the main idea that you want to convey to the reader. After that, start to build the collected materials so that they logically and consistently led to this thought. If it turns out that you have made too many blanks, do not try to squeeze them into one job. Take it easy to ensure that some will remain unused.

There should be several supporting moments leading to the main idea – usually three or four. This is quite enough for a simple paper on a simple topic. But in a voluminous essay on literature one should not complicate the main idea with too many abstracts. Let there be not many of them – just their character will change: they will become more complicated and grow in details.

Tips to write essay for scholarship

Select the most interesting episodes and tell what happened, how the participants took it, what you liked about it. Arrange them in order of increasing brightness: then it will be easy to go to the conclusion. Make a short introduction. Try to make it natural and correlate with the conclusion at the end – that is, in fact, the idea of ​​writing. When you work with an essay, pay attention not only to the content, but also to how beautifully and figuratively you build sentences.

When it comes to writing-thinking, remember the main parts: introduction, main part and conclusions. In the introduction should be the main thesis, in the main part – examples and evidence, and in the conclusions – your point of view on a given topic.